JIT Group is the international law company which offers consulting and legal services since 1998.

The main activities:

  • corporate law;
  • commercial and antimonopoly law;
  • security papers, stock market;
  • agrarian law;
  • copyright;
  • establishment, reorganization, liquidation, acquisition of companies;
  • representation  in courts and governmental authorities;
  • top online casinos

  • audit services.

Our company performs the following principles:

1. The basis of our business is sustainable and responsible relationships between people. We pay significant attention to the customers, employees, advisers and all those involved in the company. First of all, we try to make acquaintance with our clients and find out their primary needs. Politeness, assistance and cooperation are the principles on which we build our relationships. All employees are equally valuable for us, we respect each and reward them for their success, providing the opportunity for promotion and encourage them to make decisions.

2. Respect, reliance and honesty means a lot for us. We try to act according to the moral principles: to be deserving and honest, and encourage others to act in the same way.

3. As the company’s employees live and work among different people, we encourage a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation. We try to have a positive impact on those with whom we live and work.

4. We care about the expansion of our business and at the same time we care for our resources. We value quality work, personal success of each employee as well as the whole company.

Our goal – is to make a profit, because only the profitable companies can be useful for the customers, employees, shareholders, owners and country.

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