Learning English in the English-speaking environment is the best way to learn the language and to get acquainted with the Western culture.

JIT Education offers great variety of courses in accredited English language schools, for every taste and to any requirements, where you’ll be educated by highly qualified professionals. Their experience, skills and knowledge, combined with the latest technologies make the courses extremely effective. No matter, whether you need English for work, study or just to feel self-confidence, contact us and you will learn how to improve your English language skills.

You can start to learn the language from any level for this we offer different programs: general english, intensive english, business english, preparation to the exams, private lessons, online english, as well as current program that allows you to get an education and a unique experience.

General English

General English language course allows combining studying with the ability to relax and discover a new country. The program offers a semi-intensive language training, leaving plenty of time to learn and practice a new language. Courses are focused on improving all aspects of language: reading, writing, listening comprehension, speaking and grammar. Grammar classes focused on grammar, reading and writing, while the conversational classes focused on spoken English, listening comprehension and vocabulary that will help to speak English fluently. The class uses an interesting tutorials, video, audio, games and group work to understand how English is used by native English speakers every day.

Intensive English

Intensive English courses allow you to master English at a high speed through a unique learning technology, as soon as possible.

If your training time is limited, but you want to improve your English, you can choose one of the intensive courses, which is specifically designed for short-term study and focused on rapid learning.

Business English

Business English courses are designed for entrepreneurs, people who lead their own business, work in foreign companies, or plan to work in those.

Good knowledge of business English is an important factor for success in international business. Business English language skills are necessary for people who create a business in English-speaking countries, working in local companies that use English in work or work abroad. For graduates who speak business English it is a huge advantage for successful employment.

Nowadays knowledge of business English is essential for a successful business and work in large organizations. It is also an indicator of the level of the expert and his professionalism.

Exam Preparation

Training courses for international exams successfully prepare students for passing language examinations and further studies in the universities of the world. After passing this course you will be able to show the depth of knowledge and freedom of English language during the exams. Successful completion of the international language exams will help you enroll in the leading universities of the world and find an interesting job abroad.

Other/Individual English

Private lessons – it is a quick and effective way to learn a language. If rapid progress is important for you, we recommend you to choose a program of learning English individually. The main advantages of private lessons are: comfortable for you learning mode, consideration of media useful and interesting personally for you, detailed study of the topics which you find complicated, all time and efforts of the teachers are focused on you.

We also offer other courses, for example, in such areas as law, medicine and building.

Online English

If you can’t find a good teacher where you live, modern technologies allows us to conduct lessons with you all over the world via Skype. No matter what city you live in, you can learn English at home or in the office at any time with the teachers from all parts of the world.

Learn English

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& Work

We offer a unique program for those who want to speak English and to gain work experience abroad. The program study and work abroad gives you an opportunity not only to learn English during the

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lessons, but also make use of this knowledge through practice. Without a doubt when you return home, you will be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the English, which today is so highly valued in the labor market. The program does not allow you to earn a lot of money, but the salary will help you to cover partially the expenses.

Junior Summer School

The earlier you start to learn a foreign language, the easier it learns. However, the teenagers are not always able to realize its necessity and often absorb lessons as an unpleasant duty. Encourage your child: send him / her on a journey abroad, where he / she will be able to plunge into the culture, make new friends and find a practical application for the knowledge.

Study English abroad – is the fastest and the most effective way for students to speak English confidently, because the children will learn, play, communicate and think in English for 24 hours a day.

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