English Courses

Learning English in the English-speaking environment is the best way to learn the language and to get acquainted with the Western culture.

JIT Education offers great variety of courses in accredited English language schools, for every taste and to any requirements, where you’ll be educated by highly qualified professionals. Their experience, skills and knowledge, combined with the latest technologies make the courses extremely effective. No matter, whether you need English for work, study or just to feel self-confidence, contact us and you will learn how to improve your English language skills.

You can start to learn language from any level (see the table of levels below).

Table of levels

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Levels Levels ALTE Specification
Elementary А1 You can understand and talk using familiar expressions and very basic phrases for specific tasks in everyday communicative situations, using familiar expressions and simple phrases for everyday communication. You understand slow clear language, provided that the subject is close and familiar to you.
Pre-Intermediate А2 You can talk about yourself, your family, profession, and tastes. You can understand the ad text, ad in the airport shop, inscriptions on products, postcards, you know how to write personal and business letters. Read and retell not very complicated texts.
Intermediate В1 You can understand most radio and TV programs on current events. You know how to express your opinion, justify your views, to transfer the contents of what you’ve read or seen, personal and business correspondence, to read adapted books in English.
Upper-Intermediate В2 You’re able to communicate in various situations (from household to professional), you can easily communicate with native speakers. You can speak almost clearly on a wide range of subjects and explain your point of view on important issues, giving the for and against arguments. You can read not adapted books in English and able to transfer the contents of complex texts.
Advanced С1 You understand a wide variety of detailed texts, can see whether they contain implicit values and can without training, without difficulties in choosing words express their opinions. Your language is characterized by a variety of language and accuracy, used in everyday situations, academic or professional communication. You can make clear, logical, detailed message on complicated issues.
Proficiency С2 You can easily understand any oral or written information, can summarize information from different oral and written sources and present it as clearly reasoned coherent message. You are able quickly and clearly express your thoughts presenting subtle shades of meaning.

English courses are aimed at the development of all skills, namely:

• Speaking- the ability to express your thoughts on the emotional level as well as to learn to think in English;

• Listening — the perception of language through hearing;

• Reading — the ability not only to read the text, but to use grammar in the text, memorize texts and oral communication;

• Writing — the ability to express your thoughts in writing using the English as the official language for correspondence;

• Use of English — the usage of structural grammatical concepts in English.

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