Visa Categories

Visitors Visas — Visitors

This category of visa is for those who are going to travel to the UK with the objectives of non-commercial nature: guided tour, a visit to relatives, business, passing the course of English at a language school (for up to 6 months), business trip, etc.

General requirements for all types of visitors visas:

Categories of visas for visitors:

  • General Visitors (private visit or tourist);
  • Business Visitors (business);
  • Sports Visitors (athletes, coaches and staff to participate in the competition);
  • Entertainer Visitors (artists and their accompanying persons to participate in a particular event);
  • Student Visitors (students enrolled in a course lasting no more than 6 months);
  • Prospective Student (prospective students for interviews and testing);
  • Medical Visitors (who come for medical treatment);
  • Marriage Visitors (coming to the marriage);
  • Parent of a child at school (parent of the child’s attendance at school);
  • Visitors under the UK/China Approved Destination Status (ADS) Agreement (the citizens of China on a specially approved scheme).

Student visas

If you want to become a student of the British University, or to pass an English language course in England, or your child is in a British school, you need to apply for one of the following visa categories:

  • Student Visitor — students of short courses (up to 6 months);
  • Extended Student Visitor — Students of long-term English language courses lasting from 6 to 11 months;
  • TIER 4 Student — basic category of visas for students of long-term programs;
  • Prospective Student — a prospective student for interviews or testing;
  • Parent of a child at school — parent of the child’s attendance at school.

Spousal visas

If you want to get married in the UK, whether a resident or non-resident of the UK, you must apply for special visa categories:

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